Leader :: Tom Field    Conductor :: Maurice Powell  Patron:: Charles Guard

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Family Gala Concert

1st December 2013

Villa Marina


 Illiam Quane - Trumpet

Malcolm Goodman - Alphorn

& David Lyons - Vocalist

Photographs taken by Frank Warburton

During the concert our leader, Tom Field, was pleased to present the Priscilla Hills Award to Illiam Quane. The Priscilla Hills Award is presented in memory of the late Priscilla Hills, who died in 2010. She was an excellent cellist who performed Max Bruch’s ‘Kol Nidrei’ with IOMSO. The award is presented to a suitably talented Isle of Man student in full time education who is capable of performing a concerto with IOMSO. The recipient is awarded £100 and the trophy, made of Pooil Vaaish marble, which they may keep until a new candidate is selected. Illiam has in fact played 2 concerti with IOMSO - Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto in July and Aratiunian’s Trumpet Concerto in the Family Gala Concert.  

For this years Gala concert we decided on a Family Gala Concert to, hopefully, capture the minds of and introduce children to the delights of listening to a live orchestra. Although the music was a departure from our usual repertoire it was no less difficult and set many challenges for us.

We were delighted to be joined by David Lyons (Baritone) who sang several popular pieces, Illiam Quane (Trumpet) playing Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in Ab major (Arutiunian) and Malcolm Goodman/Herr Rudolf Winkelhofer (Alphorn) playing Concerto for Alphorn and Strings in F Major (Leopold Mozart)

The favourite piece of the night was Dr Who, among many others with Wallace & Gromit, Big Country and The Dambusters to name a few. With some festive music it was the perfect start to the Christmas Season.

The Family Gala Concert was one of the most successful of its kind that we have undertaken, and was very much appreciated and enjoyed by our audience.

Photographs thanks to Frank Warburton with Soloist photographs courtesy of Mike Trout